News 1 December 2017
Author: Marisa Lee

UPDATES: Is Floyd Mayweather going to fight again?

Author Marisa Lee
1 December 2017

Since publishing this article earlier this week, Mayweather has responded to the rumours. Labelling the rumours “all lies”, he said, “I’m happily retired,” during one of his promotional appearances in China. “I’m not fighting no more, no matter what the price is.” 


Despite being retired, it looks like Floyd Mayweather may be considering a 51st fight. According to TMZ he’s allegedly been telling his circle that he’s considering another boxing match and has been training to prepare for it.

Although he’s continued training since he beat Conor McGregor back in August, he’s made no official move to come out of retirement. It’s also not yet clear whether Mayweather is going for another fight against McGregor or if there’s someone else he’s willing to come out of retirement for.

McGregor recently spoke about fighting Mayweather and how he would beat him if they were to fight again, telling Sky News, “He changed his style three times. The third time he went Mexican style with his hands, knuckles above the eyebrows, dipped in low and started walking forward.

“It’s a style of fighting that caught me off guard because he never fights like that. I did not prepare or anticipate it. Ultimately it got him the win. Much respect to him but it is what it is. If I got another go I would beat him.”

Is Mayweather going to risk his 50-0 record and come out of retirement? Keep an eye right here on GRM Daily for updates.