News 13 February 2017
Author: Nathan

The flyest Instagram captions from Nines’ ‘One Foot Out’

Author Nathan
13 February 2017

Well, well, well, Nines’ latest album One Foot Out is three days deep and what a response it has already pulled in.

The project flew into the iTunes album chart at number two and hit over 1.5 milion streams in its first 24 hours. But while numbers and Guardian Track of the Weeks means a lot, it’s all about the bars and Nines delivers.

The TL has been deep with quotables from the album and people have commented that OFI has given roadman their perfect Instagram captions for the rest of the year. And here at GRM, we agree as we give you the best captions for your Insta pics in any situation, whether you’re looking for that special someone or flexin on the gram. We got your back…

The Roads

First up, Nines’ album is full to the brim with lyrics talking about the road and what it can bring, even the title! So if you’re posting that pic of you looking for that OG status, what better certification than some lyrics from Nines as he blends metaphors, jokes and even a Game Of Thrones reference in there for you;

I told my connect I ain’t an amateur, drop me keys big man I always pay my debt like a Lannister” – “Intro”

The rest of them getting two, they can’t even sell ’em though. I could never sell ’em low, I’d rather be selling blow” – “These Keys”

And phone my connect like “big man, I need more piff”, Had ’em drivers picking up boxes like a forklift” – “Going In”

Do I look like I care if the industry don’t fuck with me. I’m just washing up this money like it’s cutlery” – “Stacey Adams”

Empty boxes got me nauseous. Six burner phones in my faucet” – “These Keys”


Part of the of the main job description for any roadman (and please excuse the generalisation) is to pree gyal, whether that be leaving heart eyed emojis UNDER every pic or sliding in the DMs. Nines is no stranger to the ladies and talks about his love for the females, as well as distrust in relationships and spending money on your loved one;

She wants a footballer or an entertainer. Got a man, but always talks to different strangers” – “Hoes”

Should’ve known you were that chick from the start. Fuck an Instagram like, I’d really give you my heart” – “Make It Last”

Now my chick saying that she stepping. Says I only care about myself and I’m a player like Beckham” – “Trapper of the Year”

I see them niggas with their new chains. That shit ain’t even worth my bitch’s shoe game” – “Nervous”

All her friends hating on the kid, they say I’m no good. But guaranteed most of them would fuck me if them hoes could” –  “Make It Last”

Acting Flashy

We mentioned it before but we all know someone, or perhaps even ourselves, who likes to flex on the gram. Click on explore right now and I can bet you’ll find a don showing off his new Rolex or a classic side view of a guy sat in his new whip with the door open, fresh Giuseppes on feet. Hey, we ain’t judging over here at GRM, but why not elevate that snap with a quote from Nines as he brags about money and what it brings in;

I came through in that hard-top. I saw them haters hearts drop”- “Trapper of the Year”

Hoes and dough nigga that’s all I get. Wasn’t like this when I was wearin’ Sports Direct” – “Getting Money Now”

Cause all I used to do was unwrap packets. Now I’m ’bout to be in the fifty percent tax bracket” – “Love 2 The Game”

Come through looking fly in some designers. Always got it, can’t catch me sliding in these sliders” – “High Roller”

If you had my chick, you’d probably never cheat. But I be smashin’ groupies on these Fendi sheets”- “Getting Money Now”

Getting Deep

Sometimes, Instagram can be a deep place. Pictures of serious quotes and people posting a pic a full page essay of a caption mean that a deep quote from Nines does not feel out of place. Many tracks (with “I Wonder” doing it the best) allow Nines to reflect and ponder on life decisions and the bigger picture outside music. Consider these for a serious roadman post;

I wonder how all these guns get into my area. Wonder why they care about celebs instead of Syria” – “I Wonder”

I ain’t got time to chill. I need a hundred mil. And way before the deal I paid my mother’s bills” – “Break Away”

Still can’t believe the industry let a hustler shine. I’m flying birds, I bust my nine, I’m taking off just in time” – “Trap Music”

‘Bout to go legit, feds hoping that I slip. Fam it’s cold on the strip, I’m too old for this shit” – “Outro”

Uh, I’ve had money on my head since I was eighteen. One foot out, how the fuck I’m meant to stay clean?” – “Going In”

If you think there is a quoteable lyric perfect for an Insta caption that we’ve missed out, hit us on Twitter.

If you haven’t already, you can stream One Foot Out in full here and make sure you check out the official GRM first listen review here too.