News 3 July 2023

First ever electric flying car has been approved for testing

3 July 2023

Alef Aeronautics, a startup supported by SpaceX, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone as the first company ever to receive approval for testing an electric flying car.

Priced at approximately $300,000 USD (that’s about £236,394.00), the fully electric vehicle has been granted a Special Airworthiness Certification for its first model by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), marking a significant step forward for flight-capable cars.

The vehicle will have the capacity to carry up to two individuals and will offer a road range of 200 miles and a flying range of 110 miles.

Evolving FAA restrictions have imposed limitations on the car’s permitted flight locations and purposes, but despite this, CEO Jim Dukhovny is upbeat.

He said in a press release, “[The approval] allows us to move closer to bringing people an environmentally friendly and faster commute, saving individuals and companies hours each week. This is one small step for planes, one giant step for cars.”

Alef Aeronautics aims to create a flying car that combines street driving and vertical take-off capabilities, making it compatible with existing urban infrastructure for parking and driving.

Interested buyers can secure their spot by paying a $150 (£118) deposit for general access or a $1,500 (£1,183) deposit for priority delivery access.

Alef Aeronautics anticipate that their flying car could be available as early as 2025.

[Image via Alef Aeronautics]