News 22 September 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

The future of the Football League has been decided

22 September 2016

There’s been a little question mark looming over the future structure of the English Football League and today a decision has been made.

After meetings between EFL clubs today, they have decided that Premier League B teams and non-English teams (likely to have meant Celtic and Rangers) will not be included in the proposed re-structuring plans.

It has been suggested that the EFL will reform to include five tiers, instead of the usual four, with the extra teams to now be taken from the National League (or the Conference).

The proposal has been set for 2020, with a total of 100 teams across the 5 divisions.

Chief Executive of the EFL, Shaun Harvey, has said, “The logical place for many was to source the additional teams for League Three from the National League.

“We will now continue our consultation with the National League with a little more certainty as to what any change could mean for them.”

The decision to change the league structure comes after the FA suggested it could aid with fixture congestion and bring in more money for EFL teams.

It’s expected to be decided at the annual meeting between all EFL clubs. The plans will move forward if they recieve the backing of 90% (or 65) of the clubs.