News 6 June 2017

Heroic football fan screamed “I’m Millwall” whilst confronting London Bridge terrorists

6 June 2017

After Saturday nights terrible attack, the stories of courageous members of the public and the emergency services have started to pour in.

Take the “Angel of London Bridge”, a woman who used her body to barricade a restaurant door for a few seconds, allowing customers to leave through the rear-door saving more than 20 lives, and off-duty Doctor Malik Ramadhan, who realised something was wrong whilst cycling home, and turned back.

These are just a few of the heroic stories, but we had to tell you about this absolute lad who confronted the terrorists.

Millwall FC fan, Rob Larner, was in the Black & Blue Bar in Borough Market when the terrorists stormed in. He told The Sun, that the three terrorists started shouting Islamic chants, “Like an idiot I started shouted back at them. I thought, I need to take the piss out of these bastards” 

He took a few steps towards them and told them “F*ck you, I’m Millwall.” 

Larner’s heroic efforts are thought to have saved many lives, and have now gained him the nickname “Lion of London”, a nod to his favourite team.

Although he was stabbed eight times after the confrontation,  the fearless football fan is luckily making a steady recovery in hospital. 
Friends of Rob have created a Change.Org petition asking for him to be awarded the George Cross.