News 29 July 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Which premier league player was kicked from training for being too overweight?

Author Marisa Lee
29 July 2016

A well known midfielder has not yet played for his club during the pre-season, due to his wide waistline.

Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri was an unplayed substitute during Thursday’s International Champions Cup game against Broussia Dortmund in China, which his side won.

Defender Gael Clichy said on Wednesday that manager Pep Guardiola had cut some players from first-team training until they met “certain weight targets”, and added that Nasri “arrived a little bit overweight”. Peak!

Nasri had already missed six months of last season with a thigh injury he got during training, and his manager added that his fitness is “much better now” despite his heavy baggage.

GRM Daily

“Last season, he was injured in the season. We want to avoid that. We want the players on the pitch to be fit.

“We want their weight to be in the right place where they can run 90 minutes like Fernandinho and [Aleksandar] Kolarov and the others. Hopefully in the next two weeks, he will be OK.”

When asked about Nasri’s progress, Guardiola said; “I cannot have any complaints about the team. It’s the opposite.

“The fans can be so proud of these players. In every training session, they’ve tried and tried with the rhythm we play.”