Videos 18 September 2021
Author: Vince

Footsie drops new banger “W.A.D (Work All Day)”

18 September 2021

Footsie teams up with producer Sukh Knight for the hustler’s anthem “Work All Day”.

The track is grimey and jumpy with hard-hitting bass and synths. Footsie flows energetically and effortlessly over the beat, delivering his signature flow and cadence. 

“Work All Day” lyrically is about hard work, long hours and seeing results – a real motivational track that would not be out of place in a heavy lifting session. 

The production features a sample of RD Burnham’s “Dum Haro Dum” sung by Asha Bhosle. The sample is a psychedelic sound from the Hindu film Hare Rama Hare Krishna in the early 1970s. The Hindu cultural reference is a welcome addition.

Hindu film scores and Grime aren’t two sounds we would expect to hear together yet somehow, Sukh has come through and merged the worlds seamlessly – making the perfect canvas for Footsie’s epic flows and bars.

Listen to the motivational “Work All Day” above.