News 13 May 2024

Former Barcelona player caught using identical twin brother to play for him

13 May 2024

Romanian authorities are probing a curious case involving footballer Edgar Ié and his alleged twin brother, Edelino, suspected of impersonating him in five matches for Dynamo Bucharest.

The saga unfolded when Edgar signed with Dinamo in February, but concerns arose when the Portuguese-speaking player displayed a poor command of English, contrary to his extensive international experience.

Journalist Daniel Sendre broke the story, prompting astonishment from former Dynamo player and president Florin Prunea. Further revelations came from journalist Emanuel Rosu, revealing Dinamo’s request for Edgar’s identification, which he allegedly refused.

Should the swap be substantiated, Dynamo risks forfeiting the eight points accrued during Edelino’s appearances.

However, the Romanian Football Federation clarified to iAMsport that no predefined protocol exists for such cases. They said, “If the player who played is not the real one, there could be sanctions. Legally, a DNA test can decide everything if the result is positive, of course, Dynamo never intended to use the twin brother instead of the correct one. I think that if the DNA result confirms that it is his twin brother, they should consider a defence, considering that they did not know about this in relation to the loss of match in the table. The possibility will have to be considered, but if Dynamo was deceived and manages to prove it, then the risk of losing points does not exist.”

Edgar Ié’s, born May 1, 1994, career includes stints at Barcelona B and several European clubs before joining Dinamo Bucharest. Edelino, too, trained at Sporting in Portugal, though his professional journey primarily unfolded within Portuguese and Polish clubs.

As investigations unfold, the football world awaits the outcome, pondering the implications for both Edgar and Dinamo Bucharest amidst this bewildering case of mistaken identity.

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