News 19 August 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Frank Ocean’s album is FINALLY here & it’s wavy

Author Marisa Lee
19 August 2016

Following a prospective album release date set in July, and then August’s earlier hype over a “livestream” of someone sawing wood appeared on Frank’s website, we’re FINALLY hearing new music from Mr Ocean himself.

Last night the never-ending repeat of the workshop activity began to actually progress, and Frank Ocean himself began building a set of spiral stairs. Some distant music began to play and it appeared the album was playing on repeat. Then, the video stream stopped while the audio continued, and NY Times reporter Joe Coscarelli tweeted…

Then, just before midnight, a stream for Endless appeared out of the abyss on Apple music, and the album is now available to listen to. Here’s another link if you don’t have access to the service. The feed has since gone black. Check out the official tracklist and credits below.

But ever the tempter, Frank said he’d release “two versions” of something a year ago, and it’s rumoured that he’s going to deliver. But it’s Frank, so he could be lying again.

Rolling Stone has “confirmed” that “Endless is different [to] Boys Don’t Cry,” and they added that “Apple will release [the next album] this weekend.” Madting. Their secret source suggests that the information came from Apple or Frank’s management company, ThreeSixZero.

In the mean time, sit back and vibe to Endless, and stay tuned for more news.


01. ‘Device Control’

02. ‘At Your Best (You Are Love)’ (Isley Brothers cover)

03. ‘Alabama’

04. ‘Mine’

05. ‘U-N-I-T-Y’

06. ‘Ambience 001: “In a Certain Way”’

07. ‘Commes Des Garcons’

08. ‘Ambience 002: “Honeybaby”’

09. ‘Wither’

10. ‘Hublots’

11. ‘In Here Somewhere’

12. ‘Slide on Me’

13. ‘Sideways’

14. ‘Florida’

15. ‘Deathwish (ASR)’

16. ‘Rushes’

17. ‘Rushes To’

18. ‘Higgs’

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