News 22 December 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Here’s how you can get a free Uber ride this Christmas Eve

22 December 2016

Christmas Eve is supposed to be a religious celebration, but most of us spend the time getting burst with our loved ones at home or at the pub.

When it comes to getting home that can be quite a challege; it’s 1:35 am and you have to be up at 9 to open presents with Grandma. How the hell are you going to make it back in time?!

Thankfully, Uber are offering out a special scheme in collaboration with Budweiser. On Christmas Eve, in attempts to tackle drink driving, they will be offering free UberX rides between the hours of 4pm and midnight – Ok, so maybe you’ll till be stuffed at 1:35 am, but it’s the thought that counts – to all customers.

Steph Okell, marketing manager, Budweiser UK, said, “We’ve run a lot of responsible drinking campaigns in the past, but for 2016 we wanted to take our commitments to the next level with an initiative of epic proportions that would really have an impact.”

“We want to spark as many conversations as possible and if we can deter people from getting behind the wheel after drinking this Christmas, we’ll consider the campaign a success.”

So there you go gang; drink responsibly this Christmas and holla at Uber for a free ride!