News 21 June 2016
Author: Sam

French Montana just took $60,000 off Drake?!

Author Sam
21 June 2016

It’s about time Drake lost at something.

His album did mad figures, he pretty much annihilated Mixpak’s Culture Clash competition despite not actually being there, and as for his recent pool party? Diddy’s much-lauded revelries look like the ball pit in McDonald’s by comparison.

But even the 6 God takes an L once in a while, and he just took a big one.

On Sunday night, when Lebron’s Cleveland Cavaliers beat Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Championship, Drizzy found himself on the wrong side of a big stakes bet with French Montana.

Drake put 60k on the Curry’s Warriors to win, but learnt the hard way that it’s never a smart move betting against Lebron. French had the last laugh (Haa!) and took to Instagram soon after to celebrate the easy money.

#FrenchMontana won a $60,000 bet from #Drake that the Cavs would win the #NBAFinals

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For most, $60 000 is big money. I mean, I would probably have to sell my sister if I lost that. To these big time rappers though – pocket change. I don’t think Drake is going to be calling up Wonga anytime soon.

Let that be your Tuesday motivation.

Words: @sjriptweets