Exclusives 23 April 2019
Author: Nic Coaker

GRM Exclusive: Frosty talks “County Lines” Success, Kodak Black co-sign and more

Author Nic Coaker
23 April 2019

No-one really knows who he is, or what he’s about but Frosty is the brains behind “County Lines” which has amassed two million views on a random YouTube channel. A situation which was previously unheard of and would seem impossible to any emerging artist. 

Just a few months after the track was leaked, Frosty has now received co-signs from some of the biggest international artists. From the homegrown talents showing him love including Slim, K Trap, Russ and Young Adz to the US based superstar Kodak Black. 

We’ve all been watching the track grow in what seems like an overnight success, but the story behind the track has remained a mystery. Who is Frosty? Why is “County Lines” so big? Is he an industry plant? Just a few of the questions surrounding the track which has gone viral on social media. 

Whilst it is in-fact true that Frosty is serving time in prison at the minute, we secured an exclusive interview with him to find out the story behind “County Lines” 1 and 2. He confirmed that both tracks were made around a year ago with the first being uploaded to SoundCloud. 

“County Lines” was on SoundCloud for a while but it all popped off when a YouTube channel unknown to Frosty leaked the track. “I found out it had been leaked when my boy hit me up telling me it had 100k views” said Frosty, and from then the numbers increased dramatically and have now amassed a huge two million views. 

I then asked Frosty if he had planned an official release of the track prior to it being leaked. He replied “I was considering releasing it on YouTube depending on the type of reception I got on SoundCloud.” He also mentioned plans to release the track on all streaming platforms in the near future. 

Amongst the thousands of fans who have flocked to social media in order to follow and interacted with him on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, many notable names have also been sliding into his DM’s. He mentioned the offers he was receiving at the very beginning, including some of the UK’s top artists wanting him to join them on headline tours. It seemed they didn’t realise that he was actually in prison. 

I continued to ask if we could look forward to any future collaborations with any of the names he mentioned. Frosty said “I plan on making a remix with some big names in it next… I always knew the track was hot but sometimes it doesn’t hit you until you’re getting love from someone who has a much bigger platform than you.”

With “County Lines” continuing to break records and surpass many exceptions, Frosty ensured me that he is far from a one hit wonder and said “when I get out, I’m gonna drop consistent bangers. I’m more of a quality over quantity person.”