Exclusives Interviews 20 November 2020

GRM Exclusive: Frosty Talks debut mixtape ‘Under Surveillance’, adjusting to fame & More

20 November 2020

Frosty is by anybody’s measure, cooler than his name would imply. He is a man of few words, but when he’s enveloped by haunting 808’s and sizzling hi-hats – oh, and behind his iconic black shades – he puts his glittering gift of the gab on display.

His breakthrough single, “County Lines 1”, uploaded to YouTube through a random channel, devoid of any visual compliments; amassed millions of views while he was serving time in prison. There’s something you don’t see every day.

Frosty’s bleak accounts of life on the roads, combined with his remarkable ability to manipulate rhythm and flow, separate him from everyone else. GRM Daily caught up with him earlier this week to talk life in jail, Under Surveillance and more.


Tell me about your upbringing, where were you from? What was it like?


“I’m from Streatham, South London. It wasn’t too bad, I can’t even cap. I was in and out of school, but I did finish init. Those were my fundamental years.”


Who were you listening to growing up?


“Ice City, Asco, Nines.”



When did you start rapping?

“County Lines 1″ was my first tune, I think I was 17 at the time.”



“County Lines” was RINGING while you were in jail. Did it have the same impact in jail? What was that like?


“Yeah, 100%. For people to come off the roads, into jail and tell me it was doing a bits, it was mad still.”



Did you become embittered by the fact that you were in jail while it was going off? Or did it make you more hopeful about life after jail?


“Yeah, it motivated more for when I came out. I was just planning, so that when I came out, I could do everything, conquer it.

“It was frustrating at times, don’t get it twisted, but when you’re in a situation like that, you’ve got two options: are you gonna let it affect you, or keep going?”



I think a lot about artists that step into the game on a super high, kind of spend the rest of their career chasing that same high. Did the “County Lines” huge success put you under more pressure? or calm your nerves?


“I think it done a bit of both, but it definitely did add pressure. But it’s just for you to use it init, in the right way to try and get that next banger. I’m still learning though, still tryna get that next banger.”


How did dropping “H20” fresh out of jail feel? What was your reaction to its reception?


“If I could go back and change it, I probably would. I would’ve released something different; just cause it was a bit of a commercial one, you get me.

“I would’ve dropped something a bit more raw. Just ‘cos I’d been waiting to release for so long. I’m not sure what I would’ve released if I could’ve done everything differently, but you know what, it done what it needed to do. I can’t even complain, it’s still getting streamed on all platforms, so I’ve got to big everyone up for that.”



I’d liken your flow in really simple terms, to a stone skipping over water. You paint pictures in really unique way, as well. Did you just wake up rapping like that or was it nurtured over time? What rappers influenced that?


“I dunno you know; I think I’ve always been like that. Like since I started doing drill, I’ve always just been like that.”



I’ve heard a million stories about the life you rap about. How did your time develop you as person/ what scars has it left?


“Obviously, you go through certain things. Like I’ve been to jail twice now init, so it’s definitely gonna have some effects. It just makes you wiser and know better in certain instances.”


What is like transitioning from one life to another?


“I’m pretty good at dealing with things head on so I don’t really think it’s even had an effect like that, you get me.”


It feels like I hear you get compared to somebody new every day. Are you complimented or offended by those comparisons?


“I’m never offended, everyone you mentioned is hard init. Nowadays, I get a lot of M1llionz but before when I started rapping it was Headie. But it doesn’t bother me, I started rapping when I started rapping and they started rapping when they started rapping init. One of these days we’re all gonna link up on a track, I think that’s gonna be something special when we do.”



What’s the best song that you’ve made?


“I think “Free Bae” with LB, that’s my favourite. It’s the song [from the mixtape] that’s been sitting there for the longest. It’s the tune I walked into all the labels with when I was trying to get my deal and every label was fucking with it.”



Dead or alive, who would you love to make a song with?


“Hmmmm, I wanna make a tune with Asco, I just think he’s really hard.”

What do you want to tell everybody about the mixtape?

“It’s definitely for the bando babies out there.” 

Be sure to buy/stream the debut tape below right now!