News 29 December 2016
Author: Courtney W

Funk Flex puts Drake & J Lo on blast in epic rant

29 December 2016

Since Drake uploaded the rather cosy picture of him and Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, a lot of people have had a lot to say and Funk Flex is the latest figure to express how he feels about it all.

17 years ago on the 28th December 1999, Diddy and his girlfriend at the time, J Lo, were all over the news because they were caught up in a shooting at a club in New York. Drake’s intimate (and now viral) photo of him and Jennifer Lopez was uploaded exactly 17 years after the incident and Funk Flex believes Drake is tying to get revenge on Puffy.

The Hot 97 radio DJ expressed his feelings towards the photo in a series of tweets. One tweet reads, “JLo? That’s the get back for a punch in the face? Took me all day to figure this out!”.

Shortly after he added, “Doggy saved the pic for the anniversary and everything!!! Haaaa! Wow! Sensitive new nigga fail!”.

The “punch in the face” Funk Flex is referring to is an alleged bust-up between Diddy and Drake over the making of Drake’s hit “0 To 100” in 2014. Since then, the two rappers haven’t seen eye to eye.

Drake is yet to comment on his intentions for uploading the photo on the 28th December but Funk Flex is very certain that it was a very calculated move on Drake’s behalf. Check out Funk Flex’s comments on Drake-Lo in the tweets below.