News 27 January 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

The funniest tweets from the #CadetHairlineChallenge

Author Trudy Barry
27 January 2017

This is definitely the most jokes thing you’ll see all week. Krept (of Krept & Konan) has just set his Snapchat and Twitter followers a challenge. According to Krept’s Snap, the winner of the challenge will receive an actual Apple watch. Sounds dope, right? So what is this challenge? Working out a mathematical equation laid out on the landscape of Cadet’s dodgy hairline. Yeah, for real.

GRM Daily


Obviously Twitter has gone in on the challenge and the reactions have been just as jokes as Krept’s bizarre request.


Some people actually bloody solved the damn thing.


Most people weren’t feeling Cadet’s trademark trim.


Of course, if you failed maths like I did, there’s one simple to solution to the problem – just make the man bald.


Krept actually hasn’t announced a winner of the watch yet, so there’s still time to do your equations and don’t forget to use the hashtag #cadetshairlinechallenge.