News 3 July 2016
Author: Jaik Fenton

9 of the funniest UK rapper & MC moments EVER caught on camera

Author Jaik Fenton
3 July 2016

We all know that rappers are well known for their eccentricity and crazy life choices. On a daily basis, they provide us with both great music and funny moments to share with our friends. All things considered, we thought we’d round up some of the funniest UK rapper moments ever caught on camera.


Terminator vs Young Marv – I DO MY JOB!

You cannot do this without including one of the most legendary videos to have come out of the UK. Responding to Young Marv’s harsh comments about his spitting ability, Terminator hit back in incredible fashion. Just look at the focus on the camera, he wasn’t ramping. Ad-libs for days followed after this video, so to refresh your memory, enjoy the clip below.


Crazy Titch gives cab driver 50p

Here we have a man who was a big figure in the scene before his incarceration back in 2005. Known for his unorthodox personality, we have Crazy Titch and the famous cab driver incident, in which he showcases just that. Having been bumped by the driver on the price, Crazy decided to teach him a lesson and undercharge him for his cheekiness.


Ghetts gets parred in chip shop

Who can forget this one? Everyone has a specific way of eating chips, and Ghetts is no different. Simply asking bossman if he could salt his own chips, the language barrier became an issue. After a tense few seconds, bossman has no qualms dashing salt all over his chips, leaving Ghetts pissed off, to say the least.


Stormzy clashes Kevin Hart

With his high rise in fame, Stormzy has begun to rub shoulders with some big names of late. None more so than when he met up with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube with The LAD Bible. During the link up, Kevin Hart and Stormzy both spat over JME’s legendary “Serious” remix, leading to some hilarious moments.


Big Narstie and Benteke

As the Chip and Bugzy Malone beef started to set pace, Big Narstie was well in the thick of it after “Pepper Riddim“. However, his response to Chip’s call-out came in typical Big Narstie fashion, making fun of the situation. Not only were there funny references towards the likes of Jammer and Shizz McNaughty, it birthed the legendary “Benteke” ad-lib. “Benteke mmm yeah” still rings around the streets of the UK. Thank you very much.


Ghetto vs Bashy: Where’s Carlos?

This was probably one of the biggest mysteries of years gone by – who was Carlos? Clashing each other, Bashy and Ghetts were going at each other, until the former went too far. This led to the formerly named Ghetto to lose it with Bashy, proceeding to ask where Carlos was. Luckily, we found out who he was in Ghetts’ NFTR only recently.


Wiley’s strawberry jam “advert”

Wiley has always been eccentric, but this was probably the Godfather at his finest. Endorsing brands is part and parcel of life for musicians, but this Hartley’s Jam “advert” on Wiley’s camera is one of a kind. If there was ever a time to take tips on how to put your jam on toast, this video covered it.


A Squeezy invades Giggs’ video shoot

Back in the day, we were blessed with A Squeezy interviews and skits galore on Channel AKA. Whilst they were all funny, this was undoubtedly the funniest video of them all. Looking to gain access into the “Look What The Car Dragged In” video shoot, A Squeezy turned into a kitten every time he came across Killa Ki. On top of that, there were many funny encounters with Giggs and Buck on camera.


Dizzee Rascal and Crazy Titch get heated

You didn’t think we’d end it without including this, did you? In what is still, to this day, the most iconic commotion in grime history, Dizzee Rascal and Crazy Titch went at one another whilst spitting at Deja Vu. In what was a heated set, Titch turned to give the mic to Dizzee and then pulled away, leading to an absolute madness. “I’m not a mook”… that’s all that needs to be said really.

Words – @JaikBFenton