News 19 April 2016
Author: Cam Donald

Future and Drake named “Most Stylish Men Alive” by GQ Magazine

Author Cam Donald
19 April 2016

According to GQ, the two “What A Time To Be Alive” collaborators are ahead of One Direction’s Harry Styles, Major Lazer’s Diplo, Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds and The Revenant’s Tom Hardy in a 13-man list that ranks 2016’s “Most Stylish Men Alive”.

Fresh off of releasing UK #1 Single “One Dance”, Drake has been featured on the cover of this month’s edition of GQ, credited with a “cozy” style. An alternative cover has been released showing Future wearing a fashionable wide-brimmed hat.

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Drake’s been racking up the W’s this month, with his new album ‘Views from the Six’ due to release next week. After all this promo he’s been doing, to say that we’re excited for the tru follow up to ‘Take Care’ (‘If You’re Reading This…’ wasn’t quite of the same ilk) would be an understatement.
Words: @CamJohnst0n