News 22 August 2023
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Fyre Festival 2 tickets are on sale for an insane price

22 August 2023

Six years after the disastrous first edition of Fyre Festival, which left punters in a mass chaos on a private beach in the Bahamas, Billy McFarland is back with round two.

McFarland was released in March last year after spending six years in a federal prison for multiple counts of fraud in relation to the event.

However, it seems like he is ready to pick right up where he left off as came out with a “50 page plan” on how revive the festival and find the best partners to help him run it again at the highest level possible.

Less than 18 months since he was released, he is now back with Fyre Festival 2 and the first 100 tickets are officially out for sale for $499 a piece.

Taking to Tik Tok to discuss the second round of the festival, he revealed that it will take place in the Caribbean by the end of next year. However at the moment there are no confirmed dates, location or line up.

There are more tiers coming soon as well, McFarland announced, ranging from 799$ to 7,999$ per ticket.


FYRE Festival 2 is LIVE! 🔗 in bio

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The first edition of Fyre Festival was sold as a luxury event that stretched across two weekends on a private beach in the Bahamas, where the hottest international artists at the time were supposed to perform.

The tickets started at $4,000 and went all the way up to $12,000, for what was sold as a creme de la creme festival. In reality, unfortunately, the punters were left in a state of mass chaos as the food and drinks were scarce, their luggage got dropped out from a container on the beach in the middle of the night, a bar got raided and set of fire,and people started getting kicked out of their tents by security without being given a reason. Needless to say, the island had to be evacuated immediately.

At the time Billy McFarland was accused of defrauding investors of $27.4 million by marketing and selling tickets to the festival and other events and served four years out of his six years sentence in a federal prison.

At the moment the Fyre Festival mastermind is planning on finding the best partners and investors to help him bring his idea to life and finally give the people the luxury festival that he envisions. He also announced that he will be doing pop up events around the world in the meantime.

That being said, we can only wait to see what McFarland will come up with this time and if the second round of Fyre will get its’ own Netflix documentary like the first one did.

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