News 15 September 2019

Watch Ghetts guest star in BBC Three comedy ‘Fully Blown’

15 September 2019

Ghetts visits Southampton and organises a music video shoot in the new episode of BBC Three’s Fully Blown.
Fully Blown stars Donna Preston and Verona Rose as Vanessa and Demi; two best friends with dreams of becoming rap stars.  Living in Southampton, the two work their 9 to 5s and spend their free time dreaming of music stardom and hunting for a break into the industry.
The series forms part of BBC Three’s Threesomes commission which aims to bring new voices into comedy.
The BBC wrote in a statement, “Scripted comedy on BBC Three has enjoyed a purple patch with Fleabag, This Country, The Young Offenders, Man Like Mobeen and People Just Do Nothing among others delivering big audiences and many plaudits.”

“The Threesomes strand is about ensuring a vital opportunity to bring through the talents of the future to continue in this rich comedy story for BBC Three. It’s important that BBC Three continues to be the place on the BBC that nurtures the next generation of comedy writers and performers. Threesomes is proven to be a successful pipeline for new talent”.
In this new episode of Fully Blown, the duo deal with racial stereotypes surrounding smoking weed. The two want to audition for a role in Ghetts’ new music video and question if smoking weed will make this an easier feat.
Ghetts is hilarious in the short film and proves once again that as well as being nice with his bars, the multifaceted artist is destined for movie stardom too.
Ghetts previously held his own in The Intent 2: The Come Up where he was leading man in the British crime thriller directed by Femi Oyeniran and Nicky Slimting Walker.
Watch Ghetts guest star in Fully Blown here and for more from Ghetts, watch him join Kano and D Double E to perform “Class of Deja” here.