News 29 October 2020

Ghetts Teams Up With PUMA To Launch Suede Music Studio To Support Emerging Talent

29 October 2020

To celebrate the 2020 launch of its Suede shoe model, PUMA have teamed up with Ghetts to launch the Suede Music Studio in partnership with Spotify.

Based in Ladbroke Grove, the Suede Music Studio pays homage to PUMA Suede’s connection with music and culture, focusing on emerging talent in the UK by providing creatives with a new recording space.

Opening the Suede Music Studio is legendary east London lyricist Ghetts, who mentored and partnered up with two up and coming artists from his hometown to create “Newham”.

Speaking on the track, Ghetts said: “We’re three generations of Newham and our perspectives may differ but that’s what we want to get across on this track. It’s a beautiful moment and to have the opportunity to unite on a track like this is special.

“It’s important to see other people winning from where we’re from, because that seemed so far away at one point.  We have the power to inspire people and I can only hope I inspire the next generation of talent making waves in the music industry, like I did.”

Over the next six months, the likes of No Signal, Big Tobz, Shaybo, Knucks, Jaz Karis, Remel London and 3 Shots of Tequila will use the studio to create and release content for us all to enjoy.

Music created in the Suede Music Studio will be available on a special Suede Music playlist by PUMA.

Ghetts’ Ten Billion Dreams-produced track “Newham” featuring Villz and Myers will be available on Spotify from Friday 30th October.

The new collection of PUMA Suede Classics, a throwback to its 1968 creation, drop on JD, ASOS and PUMA from Wednesday 4 November at £65.