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Author: Trudy Barry

7 mad things we learnt from Ghetts’ interview with DJ Target

Author Trudy Barry
6 January 2017

Ghetts is thought of as one of the dons of the scene, and deservedly so. His wickedly bad lyrics and incomparable energy sets him apart from the masses. From his days on pirate radio back in the early days of grime, to The Movement, to Ghetto Gospel and to his joint mixtape with Rude Kid, it’s safe to say that Ghetts’ is one of the all time greats.


Last night he appeared on 1Xtra to chat with Target about his progression in music throughout the years. Below are six things we learnt from the show, and you can check out the full clip above.

He met Dizzee Rascal before either of them made music


When on the subject of starting on in the scene, Ghetts reveals that he actually met one of grime originators before either of them started making music. He says it was “definitely inspirational seeing what Dizzee done. Because even before the music we knew each other from other angles so just to see someone that I had met do something inspirational… was crazy.”

His debut set was a clash

Having been a fan of the scene for a long time, Ghetts had already started writing lyrics, though they were mainly reload bars. His first live performance was a clash with Dimples on Hackney’s Mystick FM. That’s right, his first set ever was a clash. He would later rematch with Dimples at Heat FM. Undeniably Ghetts won the first one, but even he admits that the second one is “debateable”.


Movement reunion project? He’s “on it”


It’s a question that’s being asked a lot at the moment: Is there a new Movement reunion project coming? It’s a question that’s building a lot of hype and the answers aren’t doing anything to dispel that hype. Ghetts’ says he’s “on it”, but you’ll have to ask the others yourself.


Planned clashes aren’t as good because they aren’t “organic”


When the topic of MC clashes is brought up, Ghetts has a very definite opinion on the new practice of organizing clashes. He says, “you can’t replay a golden moment, that’s why it’s a golden moment.” That being said, that doesn’t necessarily mean that if an organic clash came up he’d be thrilled. “You think I miss that tension?” He asks, “I don’t”.


He writes all his bars in the studio… now


Ghetts likes to have an input in the beat and let the song grow that way. These days he prefers to “write it on the spot”. But this has not always been the case. Back in the day when money was tight and he had to utilise his studio time efficiently he would “pre-prepare” his lyrics so he could spend as much time recording as possible.


He thinks his second Fire in the Booth is better than his first


Ghetts’ reaction when Target tells him he’s about to play a clip from his first Fire in the Booth gives away exactly which edition he prefers. “Do you not think the second one is better?” is the overall jist of the converstion. Luckily, listeners are then treated to clips from both.


He struggled to make an album after having his daughter


Freedom of speech was a different vibe, he was worried people wouldn’t respond to a calmer, less “ignorant” Ghetts. However he now says that he’s back to his original wave. “Responsible Ghetts is gone”.


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