News 23 June 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Think your morning’s bad? Ghetts’ whip gets flooded, is subsequently stolen

23 June 2016

It sounds like Ghetts has gone through a bit of a mad ting this morning. In a series of Tweets posted in the early hours he told the world just what he has gone through.

Apparently – we’re not sure how, unless man is parked up in Glastonbury right now – he got caught in some serious flooding while out in his whip, which according to GH caused water to rise up to the windows. Firemen even had to help lift him out of it!

Fast forward a few hours and Ghetts noticed his car has gone missing. The insurance company let him know it was nothing to do with them, which means some opportunistic thief has more than likely taken it.

He’s now today apparently making his way to the studio, with plans to record a new banger called “Noah’s Ark”. All we know so far, is it’s a 2 2 riddim, the FLOW is on point and it certainly ain’t WASHED.

Although we’d never wish bad on anyone we love as much as Ghetto, this story is still kind of hilarious, as well as extremely unlucky. Sorry g, and best of luck getting it back.

Watch the video for the “You Dun Know Already” remix featuring Megaman, Chip, Frisco and Devlin here.