Videos 4 March 2022
Author: JK Lamps

Gino J Delivers “Sweet Sharlene” Visuals Alongside New ‘Casanova’ EP

Author JK Lamps
4 March 2022

Gino J is back on our screens with his first solo song and video of 2022 in the form of “Sweet Sharlene”!

Inspired by a blend of R&B, hip-hop/rap and African music, the “Questions” hitmaker has managed to encapsulate these sounds in his own unique way and continues to progress in this lane.

On his latest offering entitled “Sweet Sharlene”, Gino J envisions and describes a lady who’s both beautiful in looks and confident in themselves.

This release goes ahead of his brand-new EP, Casanova, which is out today with an additional six songs.

Check out “Sweet Sharlene” above, before taking in the EP below!