News 22 December 2020
Author: Courtney W

Give Daily: Here’s How You Can Support ‘First Love Foundation’ Tackle Poverty & Deprivation

22 December 2020

As part of our Give Daily initiative, we’re highlighting 12 charities and social enterprises to support and today the spotlight is on the First Love Foundation.

Established in 2010, the First Love Foundation is a Christian charity committed to tackling poverty and deprivation in Tower Hamlets, London.

The organisation assists people who walk into their Tower Hamlets Foodbank by providing support, advice and 3 days worth of food which is donated by schools, individuals, businesses and at supermarket collections.

Since 2013, First Love Foundation have been working on enhancing its services and are now developing a training and employability programme.

With The Trussell Trust recently reporting that around half of people who used a food bank towards the start of the pandemic had never needed one before, it’s evident the work of organisations such as First Love Foundation are providing people with crucial support in these uncertain times.

“Despite many trials over the ten years we’ve been in operation, we could have never predicted a time like this,” First Love’s Marketing executive, Christina, said of the pandemic in March.

“It is a shock. The virus is rampant, and the likelihood is that in some way, shape or form, the impact of the virus will ripple through communities in ways that may affect the way you currently live your life for the foreseeable future, if it hasn’t done so already.”

She added: “As for us, we’re tidying up our contingency plans, ready to hit the ground running every time our government provides an update. We have plans for volunteers as well as staff to make up emergency food packs for those in need, and we’re in the process of finding people as well as vans to make operations easier. We won’t rest until they’re looked after – no one should face crisis alone.”

If you can, you can support First Love by donating your time, money or products and for more information on the foundation, click here. To donate to their winter fundraiser, click here.