News 16 December 2020
Author: Courtney W

Give Daily: Here’s How You Can Support Youth Charity ‘Leap’

16 December 2020

As part of our Give Daily initiative, we’re highlighting 12 charities and social enterprises to support and today the spotlight is on Leap.

For over 30 years, Leap (Confronting Conflict) has designed programmes to transform the way conflict is managed by young people and the adults who support them.

Through delivering group work, 1:1 support and post-course mentoring, Leap support young people (between 11 and 25) in four ecosystems: in care, excluded from mainstream school, in inner-city communities and within the secure estate.

In October, Leap launched its ‘remember me’ series which is a campaign highlighting the challenges of seven young people in 2020, as well as their goals for 2021.

“Through this project, Leap graduates share the challenges of family life, identifying conflict in the home as something that they have had to endure with little option of escape,” a statement reads regarding the series on Leap’s website. 

“There is collective agreement that financial uncertainty is a huge worry for young people, with many unsure how they will be able to pay accommodation, tuition fees or course costs when in low paid employment or on furlough.

“We are losing our ability to empathise with the younger generation during this time. remember me is an opportunity to counter that trend. I invite creative sectors, community leaders, businesses and institutions to engage with these seven stories and consider how you and your organisation can give time and expertise to elevate the next generation.”

To connect with Leap and learn more about their work, follow their Twitter and Instagram accounts, @leap_cc, and click here to learn more about the ‘remember me’ series.