News 13 December 2020

Give Daily: Here’s How You Can Support Digital Accessibility Charity Ready Tech Go

13 December 2020

As part of our Give Daily initiative, we’re highlighting 12 charities and social enterprises to support and today the spotlight is on Ready Tech Go.

Ready Tech Go was formed in the first lockdown by a group of friends who were volunteering doing meal deliveries for at risk people. The team have all worked in either the charity sector or in public health before. 

While delivering, the guys at RTG saw first hand the crippling effects that the digital divide can have; the elderly sinking into depression due to prolonged isolation, the recently unemployed unable to look for more work and children unable to attend online classes and missing out on many months of school.

All of these scenarios could’ve been avoided if the people in question had access to the right technology; the team thought something must be done, and Ready Tech Go was formed.

Given the ‘throwaway’ nature of technology, they quickly realised that there are endless devices that are not being put to good use – devices that often sit gathering dust in some draw when they have the potential to radically improve someone’s life. Technology is an inescapable consequence of modern living and without access to it, so many doors remain closed.

Ready Tech Go accept donations of phones, smart tablets and computers and have just begun supplying internet sims to those who don’t have internet access. 

RTG believe that access to technology should be a right, not a luxury!

To donate a device and for more information on Ready Tech Go, click here.