News 15 December 2020
Author: Courtney W

Give Daily: Here’s How You Can Support Child Poverty Charity ‘The Childhood Trust’

15 December 2020

As part of our Give Daily initiative, we’re highlighting 12 charities and social enterprises to support and today the spotlight is on The Childhood Trust.

Operating in London and established in 2013, The Childhood Trust is an organisation committed to reducing the impact of poverty among young people of school age (4-18) by supporting and funding grassroots charities in the Capital.

The Childhood Trust uses initiatives such as fundraising campaigns and fundraising partnerships to generate and match other donations and have raised over £14.8 million through matched giving campaigns since 2013.

The organisation supports projects such as breakfast clubs, parental training and support, mentoring, community-based counselling, youth clubs and many more.

With 700,000 children living in poverty in London and the coronavirus pandemic worsening the struggles of disadvantaged families, charities such as The Childhood Trust are providing communities with support at a time when it’s needed most.

In response to a report which revealed 40% of children in poverty aren’t expecting to receive a Christmas present this year, The Childhood Trust launched the ‘The Christmas Challenge’ campaign which is a matched fundraising campaign that doubles individual donor’s donations made via an online portal operated by The Big Give.

Laurence Guinness, CEO of The Children’s Trust said, “We are gravely concerned about the growing number of children who have been forced into poverty by the Coronavirus pandemic. The scale of inequality has been made much worse this year by the economic and psychological impacts from the pandemic and the measures taken to contain it.

“Whilst Christmas is a joyous time for many, for disadvantaged and vulnerable children the experiences of poverty and destitution are much worse at this time so it’s critical we get immediate aid to as many children in need as we possibly can.”

For more information on The Childhood Trust and what you can do to show your support, click here.