News 17 January 2017

Glastonbury festival set for a name change

17 January 2017

Since organisers of Glastonbury festival announced plans to move the festival’s location last month, many have speculated whether the festival would be renamed.

Now in a new interview, one of the organisers confirmed that a change of name is on the cards for the festival when it relocates in 2019.

In an interview on Glastonbury FM, one of the event’s organisers, Michael Eavis, stated that the festival will be called “
The Glastonbury Festival Team Presents The Variety Bazaar” from 2019.

Explaining his decision to change the name to radio host Paul Cannon, Eavis stated, “I’ve been a risk-taker my whole life… This might be one risk too far, I don’t know.”

Eavis’ daughter, Emily Eavis, also took to Twitter to confirm the change of name. The tweet also implies the event which will take place in 2019 is to be a brand new festival.

Glastonbury is set to take place as usual this year but organisers will take a break in 2018 before the renowned festival returns at its new location – which hasn’t been revealed yet – in 2019.