Go Left 14 October 2016
Author: Benji

Go Left: GRM’s guide to alternative hip-hop, grime & R&B [020]

Author Benji
14 October 2016

What’s great about the young and developing scene we have in London (and beyond), is the sheer diversity of it. It seems every day a new artist is coming to our attention, sounding new and innovative and original, yet still so distinctly British.

Artists are getting weird and artists are getting experimental, and it’s due time we started highlighting some of these creatives that may otherwise slip under our radar. With that being said, welcome back to Go Left; GRM’s guide to alternative grime, hip-hop and R&B, the best of what you may not have heard yet. 

We’ve got a special playlist for the 20th Go Left edition. It consists of predominantly new hip hop, but delves into some hard-hitting, sporadic production on Etta Bond’s track “All of My Love” featuring Chris Loco, who scatters snippets of Bond’s elegant voice on the drop.

Next to feature is a real banger from London producer LouisDeezle, flipping Solange’s soothing “Weary” into an animal of its own – the sample is genius and so too is the accompanying production.

Rapper Alista Marq makes the list with his mischievous “Playing Games” featuring Frenzy. Alista speaks on his distaste for Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert, whilst referencing football players in a funny punchline, “You aint no Ozil, you’re a Januzaj”.

Following his The Lone Wolf & Friends album, London hip hop artist Keiron Boothe releases “Burn It Down”, which easily makes the cut. The Emani-produced track showcases Boothe’s solid flow and is contagiously feel-good.

Finally, an artist who’s been getting a lot of attention lately in the upcoming r&b/hip hop scene is Hudson East. His new track “16:58” is simply fire. Keep dropping those slappers.

We will be uploading more alternative videos onto our YouTube channel. If you fit in with those who don’t fit in, are part of the Go Left gang and have something wavy for us, send an email to [email protected] 

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