Go Left 29 November 2016
Author: Benji


Author Benji
29 November 2016

What’s great about the young and developing scene we have in London (and beyond), is the sheer diversity of it. It seems every day a new artist is coming to our attention, sounding new and innovative and original, yet still so distinctly British.

Artists are getting weird and artists are getting experimental, and it’s due time we started highlighting some of these creatives that may otherwise slip under our radar. With that being said, welcome back to Go Left; GRM’s guide to alternative grime, hip-hop and R&B, the best of what you may not have heard yet. 

This week, hip-hop is the fuel for our very special 25th Go Left.

First up is production duo Letherette with “Momma” featuring Rejjie Snow. Andy Harber and Richard Roberts lay the wintry foundations for Snow who kills his verse.

Next comes New World Ray, who’s on a roll with his recent fire releases, “Love Physical” included. Ray’s flow glistens on a sparkling beat, whilst claiming he’s got “ideas on ideas”.

London rapper 4i makes the list with “My Bruva”, which is one of the more reflective tracks featured this week. Produced by DA, “My Bruva” is dedicated to all the close people that he has distanced with unintentionally over the years.

One of Go Left favourite Kieron Boothe comes through with new track “more life” produced by J.Dilla. It’s classic Kieron Boothe vibes with help from singer Giorgia Lo. Mr. Boothe is in the house!

Rageouz brings some razor sharp flows over a wonky trap inspired production from Tzapa on his track “Take It”, a tune that zig zags between head nodding, speaker busting drums and airy, spaced out vocal samples.

We will be uploading more alternative videos onto our YouTube channel. If you fit in with those who don’t fit in, are part of the Go Left gang and have something wavy for us, send an email to [email protected] 

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