Go Left 23 September 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Go Left Premiere: Jords – ‘Means To And Ends’ album

23 September 2016

South London rapper and Go Left favourite Jords has given us the go ahead to premiere his highly anticipated debut album Means To An Ends.

A regularly featured artist on the Go Left playlists, you may have recognised the 22-year-old from tracks such as “Way Back When”and his collaboration with Olivia Louisw and producer Question on “Cup of Tea”.

Today, Jords has taken a leap from releasing EPs like The Smooth Demos and About Time by dropping his first 13 track full length record – it’s definitely worth the wait.

The album is a personal portrayal of Jords’ life so far, along with his connection to family and friends in the ends, over a spectrum of trap-inspired and soulful boom-bap beats. It also sees a handful of features, including Proton, Olivia Louise and Randy Valentine.

It’s clear Jords has progressed and matured his sound on MTAE, describing the album himself as “a story of my adolescence; literally everything I have absorbed over the last five years has gone into this album.” He continues, “I feel I push myself more on this project. Starting to try and exist outside of my comfort zone.”

A tale of a boy who just wants to make it out the ends and see success, Jords does it in an eloquent, gritty and sophisticated manner that’s sure to conduce the objective.

Listen to the album above.