News 23 July 2020
Author: Kafui Mensah

Limited Edition 24K Gold PS5 Set To Drop Later This Year

23 July 2020

Premier British luxury customising brand Truly Exquisite has just unveiled plans to drop a 24 karat gold plated limited edition PS5.

With the standard price of the PS5 still in the air, predicted to be around the £500 mark, it’s clear the price tag on this edition is going to be ridiculous.

In the past the gold edition of the PS4 was priced at £8,400, with this being the minimum for this new release we are realistically looking at a console priced around 9K. The only way to pre-order the limited PS5 is through registering on the website, were it shows various mock ups of gold plated controllers and a headset.

The console is “most probably” set to drop this December right in time for Christmas with no more than a 100 being released worldwide. It is unclear how much involvement Sony will have with the product looking little to none.

Truly Exquisite are also known for gold plating various other products such as 
Samsung S20s, Apple Watches, iPhones, iPads and more.