News 27 October 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Good Fellas – the next biggest UK comedy!

27 October 2016

BFF Studios present, Good Fellas. A coming of age British comedy-drama written by Andrew Prince. The plot follows the lives of a group of teenage friends. As they navigate the unfamiliar terrains of college life in Surrey, we soon learn that the pressures of A-Levels are not at the forefront of their minds.

Watch the introduction to the cast above and get acquainted with the characters likely to have everyone talking in 2017. Combining humour and the teenage rite’s of passage everyone can relate to, the show and cast is shot and acted superbly, but underlying the light tone is a more serious one in which the show looks to challenge on-screen stereotypes.

We journey with all five boys as they explore young adulthood from sex, heartbreak to ludicrous house parties. It’s The Fresh Prince of Bel Air meets The Inbetweeners! The show stars new and fresh British talents, Andrew Prince, Kwame Augustine, AJ Bediako, Michael Bordom and Kwame Agyei.

Andrew Prince creator and writer says, “My aim is to write comedy that engages and entertains people of all races and genders. Our cast and show reflects the diverse Britain that I live in, a multi ethnic, and vibrant nation. We need to see more content like this on our TV screens.” The show introduces a mix of families from different ethnicities that form the bedrock of the show and reflect the diverse country we live in today, all with a comedic backdrop.

Producer, Stephané Alexandre says, “The Good Fellas team are passionate about telling stories that reflect Britain. Our show places 5 young boys that don’t fit into the conventional stereotypes of young black males on British television today.”

Good Fellas
, Season One hits our screens in 2017! Watch this space! We at GRM can’t wait to see this take off and will be teaming up with the Good Fellas gang to bring you exclusive’s and interviews as the show launches as well as an EXCLUSIVE VIEWING of the first 3 episodes right here on GRM Daily – stay tuned!