News 20 March 2019

Google Set To Launch Brand-New Gaming Platform ‘Stadia’

20 March 2019

Google is set to rival Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox with its newest venture – a brand-new gaming platform called Stadia.

The technology giant made the announcement at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco that they will launch a new gaming system that can be used on most televisions, PCs and mobile phones already owned by customers.

Unlike the PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and other platforms, users will not need to purchase a physical console or a disc. Instead, players will be able to stream a library of games from devices they already own.

Google also unveiled its exclusive controller which comes equipped with Google Assistant and a YouTube sharing button.

In a recent interview with EuroGamer, Google’s Vice President Phil Harrison described the company’s vision for the new venture.  He said:  “So our brand is Stadia, our platform is called Stadia. It’s the plural of stadiums, obviously.

“A stadium is a place where you can have, obviously, sports, but it’s also a place where you can have entertainment. And so we wanted that to be our brand idea, which was a place for all the ways that we play and this idea of watching, playing, participating, even managing – where you could take a slightly ‘lean-back’ view of a game.”

The tech giant announced that all of their games will stream in HD and revealed that they are yet to finalise the pricing for the new platform however it was said that the Stadia is expected to be a subscription-based product and that the platform is set to be released later this year.

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