News 12 December 2019
Author: Priya Faith

Google Reveals Top Trending Searches Of The Year

Author Priya Faith
12 December 2019

The world’s most popular search engine offers a unique look into the UK’s curiosity for 2019 as Google has published its annual ‘Year in Search’ results, revealing the topics, events and places that the people of the internet have been googling.

The top two trending queries in the UK were sporting events with the Cricket World Cup and Rugby World Cup, which were most likely driven by the success of the English teams this year. As with previous years, TV shows and films bulked out the top ten series, as major events and the odd celebrity also drove searches.

The controversial Game of Thrones finale was the third most searched topic as HBO show Chernobyl came in at fourth. Marvel also drove a lot of searches for 2019 as Thanos and Avengers Endgame appeared in the top ten.

Google also revealed the top ‘How to’ and ‘What is’ searches too as How to watch the Champions League Final and What is Area 51 came in top.

See some of the top trending searches from 2019 below.

UK’s Top Trending Queries: 

1. Rugby World Cup

2. Cricket World Cup

3. Game of Thrones

4. Chernobyl

5. Thanos

6. Notre Dame

7. Avengers Endgame

8. iPhone 11

9. Caitlyn Jenner

10. Joker

Top ‘How To’ Searches:

1. How to watch Champions League Final

2. How to watch Game of Thrones

3. How to floss dance

4. How to pronounce psalm

5. How to watch KSI vs. Logan

6. How to vote in European elections

7. How to eat pineapple

8. How to register to vote

9. How to tame a fox in Minecraft

10. How to watch Chernobyl

Top ‘What Is’ Searches:

1. What is Area 51

2. What is the backstop

3. What is D Day

4. What is Finn’s Law

5. What is a super over in cricket

6. What is Article 50

7. What is a dead ting

8. What is Article 13

9. What is a VSCO girl

10. What is quark