News 3 October 2023

Government ban mobile phones being used in school

3 October 2023

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan has announced a ban on mobile phone use in schools across England, a move aimed at enhancing classroom concentration and curbing distractions.

Under this new guidance, not legally binding but strongly encouraged, pupils will be prohibited from using their mobile phones not only during lessons but also during breaks.

Despite the ban, students will still be allowed to bring their devices to school for use during journeys to and from school.

Mobile phones in schools have been a subject of ongoing debate, with concerns about constant notifications and their impact on the learning environment. A 2021 survey conducted by Uswitch revealed that over half of respondents supported a mobile phone ban in schools and 74 percent agreed that mobiles were a source of distraction in classrooms.

Several countries, including Finland, France, and China, have already implemented bans on mobile phone use in schools, often citing improved academic performance and reduced classroom disruption.

In June 2022, a United Nations report further recommended banning phones in schools to address issues of classroom disruption and cyberbullying.

While the idea of a nationwide ban on phones in schools has been proposed in the past, it has not been fully implemented. The government believes that this new ban will significantly reduce mobile phone use in schools, building on the restrictions already in place in many educational institutions.

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