News 4 April 2022

GRAMN. Share Versatile 7-Track EP ‘KillaGRAMN.’

4 April 2022

Hackney-based collective GRAMN. have gifted us with a new EP dubbed KillaGRAMN.

On this new EP from GRAMN. – made up of singer Aux and producers and multi-instrumentalists James Lowe and Johnny Tomlinson – the trio showcase their versatility by delivering rap-heavy cuts such as “P.P.” and “Do It For The GRAMN.”, as well as R&B drops such as “The Burger King & Me” and “Bad Terms”.

The EP also features the already released “Long Way Down” featuring BAELY.

“This project is almost like a checklist for mortal threat, an acknowledgment of all that threatens my existence, “GRAMN said. “The sounds reflect the times, up and down, soft and hard, a combination of feelings and observations on how this all came to be.

“In music I’ve always felt under pressure to choose, and in choosing one thing reject another – am I a singer but not a rapper, am I doing R&B but not hip-hop, soul but not gospel. We chose to ignore those rules this time. Defining myself for myself means taking the time to create music which reflects the full spectrum of who I am and not what others want me to be.”

Be sure to take in GRAMN.’s third EP, KillaGRAMN., in full below!