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Author: Trudy Barry

The 9 greatest J Hus guest verses

Author Trudy Barry
10 May 2017

We’re almost there, people. In two short days J Hus is dropping his long awaited debut album Common Sense. It’s a moment the scene has been waiting on for a long time and we’re now in the final countdown to zero hour.

Through the course of his burgeoning career, the Stratford boy and his management team 2K, have maneuvered their way through the music industry without compromising his sound. His unapologetic vision is what makes Hus’ rise so appealing.

The self proclaimed “ugly man” brought his unique flavour of afrobeat infused rap has been getting us all feeling “Friendly” since dropping his breakthrough hit “Dem Boy Paigon” back in 2015. Now, after continuously releasing banger after banger (“Lean & Bop”, “Did You See” and more), at the ripe old age of 20, Hus is dropping is first LP.

We all the words to the bangers – don’t pretend you haven’t told a gyal her chicken needs seasoning, or commented on the colour of your Benz – so in the lead up to Common Sense’s imminent drop, we take a look at the times when Hus has popped up on other people’s tunes. From J Spades to Dave, Mostack to Stormzy, here’s a brief history of J Hus’ features as told by GRM Daily.

Bonkaz ft. J Hus, Reeko, Yung Reeks, Wholagun, Bully, Central C & Shower Malik – “Ain’t On Nuttin Remix”

Let’s start by casting our minds way back to 2015 for this first one. The official remix of this Bonkaz tune features a string of artists for this hard medley of UK talent. The tune’s roster showcased who was popping two years ago and Hus’ verse is pretty different to what you’d expect these days. Looks like he’s mellowed slightly over the years.

J Spades ft. MoStack, Swift, J Hus & Grizzy – “Nobody”

This tune marks the beginning of a long working relationship between J Hus and Mostack. Joining Section Boyz’ Swift and Grizzy on the remix of J Spades’ banger, Hus is coming through sleeping with one eye open “like Fetty Wap” on this one which sees his style developing still.

Baseman ft. J Hus – “Jugg”

Sticking to 2015 for this joyous tune, Hus was bringing the party vibes to this Baseman banger. He even manages to live out every 18-year-old yute’s dream in the video for this: spitting a verse on a bed while two peng tings make out. Okay.

MoStack ft. J Hus – “So Paranoid”

Dropping only a week after the Baseman joint, this one has less of a fun party vibe than its predecessor. Hus brings the flavour on the hook for this one as well as spitting a fire verse, his melancholic flows contrasting the aggy bars he spits.

MoStack ft. J Hus, Krept & Konan – “Liar Liar Remix”

Fast forward now to 2016 and Mostack and J Hus joined forces once again. “Liar Liar remix” was undeniably one of the biggest tunes of last year, even making it into the top ten viewed videos from the scene.

Fekky ft. MoStack, Abra Cadabra, Young Spray, Ms Banks, Stefflon Don & J Hus – “Mad Ting Sad Ting Remix”

Now this is a f-cking line up and a half. With a powerhouse of up and coming names, a mix of men and women and a selection of different ends represented, this remix was always going to be a banger. Hus’ cold, cold verse is saved till last on this one so sit back and take in the full madness.

Dave & J Hus – “Samantha”

Two mad talents that are both so young were bound to make something special when they joined forces. Hus does a rare move and shares the hook duties with his collaborator on this one, showing how much mutual respect these two talented musicians have for each other.

Nines ft. J Hus – “High Roller”

Hus brings his now defined trademark sound to this Nines banger. Dropping a month before Nines gave us his debut offering through XL, “High Roller” was the perfect teaser clip to get us all gassed for the pending album. The driving afrobeat hook compliments Nines’ laidback vibe and the whole thing just sounds mad.

Stormzy ft. J Hus & Ghetts – “Bad Boys”

If you were an artist that appeared on Stormzy’s knockout number one debut album, then your profile got seriously boosted back in February. Appearing on one of the album’s opening tracks, Hus joins Stormzy in paying tribute to one of the most iconic battles of all time. And if you try saying you’ve never heard “you’re not bad, I’m bad ask Carlos” and not got gassed then you’re lying.