News 10 June 2020

Grenfell Campaigners Urge Government To Set Cladding Removal Deadline

10 June 2020

To mark three years since the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, Justice For Grenfell has launched a new campaign to seek justice for the 72 lives lost in the incident.

Justice For Grenfell is calling for the government to commit to removing all flammable cladding on buildings, urging the public to reach out to their local MP to demand a “deadline to remove all ACM and non ACM flammable cladding system”.

Campaigners are also calling for the government to publish a “detailed timeline” of their plans to meet the deadline, as well as accountability if they fail to meet it.

A statement on the Support Grenfell website reads: “It is 3 years since the Grenfell disaster, and not enough has been done to make the 23,000 households with Grenfell style ACM cladding, and up to 500,000 people living with other non ACM flammable cladding, safe from fire. The problem is further magnified by COVID 19 and the fact we are being asked to stay in our homes more than ever before.

“The government has recently announced a new fund for remedial work on high rise blocks to remove flammable cladding, which is a step forward. However it’s estimated the fund will only cover ⅓ of households, it’s offered on a first come first served basis, there is no commitment from government to a deadline for completed works, and it does not cover buildings under 18m.

“It’s imperative that the Government commit to a deadline for safe housing for all, provide a detailed timeline, and hold themselves accountable.”

A government spokesperson has responded to the new campaign from Justice For Grenfell, saying: “We are providing £1.6bn for the removal and replacement of unsafe cladding from high-rise buildings and are bringing forward the biggest legislative changes in a generation to provide further enforcement powers against those who do not comply with the law, and ensuring that residents’ safety is at the heart of the construction process.”

The calls from campaigners comes just days before the third anniversary of the fire in west London on June 14th 2017.

In remembrance of the victims who lost their lives, churches across London will ring their bells 72 times this Sunday (June 14).

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