News 1 July 2017
Author: Cam Donald

Grenfell residents still being charged rent for burnt tower

Author Cam Donald
1 July 2017

Former residents of Grenfell Tower are still being billed for rent, despite their apartments having been burnt out after the tower block was caught ablaze.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s council has been threatened with a take-over by the government after admitting that victims of the fire are still seeing rent being taken out of their bank accounts.

London’s richest borough has been heavily criticised since the tragedy, which has claimed at least 80 lives.

Nicholas Paget-Brown, the leader of the council at the time of the event, has since stepped down from his position, along with his deputy, after facing heavy criticism. Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has since made a statement.

“It is right the council leader stepped down given the initial response to the Grenfell tragedy.

“The process to select his successor will be independent of government, but we will be keeping a close eye on the situation. If we need to take further action, we won’t hesitate to do so.”

A government take-over of the council could happen in the next few days or weeks, if the council does not become more accountable for the event and the re-housing of the fire’s victims. 

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