Videos 27 July 2021
Author: Vince

Grim Sickers Shares “True To You” Visuals With Rhys the Confessor & Gallah

27 July 2021

Grim Sickers is back with a brand new single titled “True To You” featuring Rhys the Confessor and Gallah.

The track is meaningful, melodic, and utterly captivating, putting a modern twist on a classic garage sound laced with Sickers’ signature style.

Grim is no stranger to versatility and experimentation, the rapper is well known and loved for his incredible ability to adapt and fuse his sound with others.

Lyrically, Sickers gets deep, reflective and almost philosophical on this track which has a very nostalgic vibe that is also reflected in the instrumentation, a sound he says he “discovered by chance just from going to the studio every day in lockdown.” The introspective nature of the track is truly carried by the opening line of the chorus “This life won’t last forever…” which immediately places the listener in the right frame of mind for the track.

The visual also carries a real vintage garage feel which adds to the entire experience and further transports the viewer into a place of deep reflection and provides an escape, making peace with the past and moving on.

Watch “True To You” above!