News 30 July 2019
Author: Courtney W

Sign This Petition To Bring Back Grime Report TV

30 July 2019

A petition has been started to persuade YouTube to bring back the iconic Grime Report TV channel.

The petition comes after YouTube deleted Grime Report TV and all its content for reasons which are unclear at the moment.

Since its deletion, Lordie – the founder of Grime Report TV – has taken to Twitter to give fans of the channel an update on the current circumstance.

“Nothing but love & the utmost respect to you guys for all for your support & encouragement”, he wrote.

“It’s all a bit nuts right now but I’m trying my best to get this rectified with YouTube and hopefully move forward. Thank you all.”

Grime Report TV has become a staple in the UK scene for consistently documenting all things grime through popular content such as Uncle Pain, Five Pound Munch and much more.

As well as helping individuals in the grime scene, such as Big Narstie who has taken the mainstream world by storm as a result of his much-loved Uncle Pain series, Grime Report TV has played a vital role in exposing more people to grime and creating a community amongst fans of the genre.

Make sure you sign the petition to keep the Grime Report TV channel alive by clicking here.