News 5 December 2015

5 most hilarious battle raps from the past week

5 December 2015

We are back this week with the GRM Battle rap roundup. Kicking off this weeks segment we have two legends going head to head in a long-awaited lyrical duel. Both battle rappers have featured on the round up before and are no strangers to the scene or headlining main events.

This match has been in the making for sometime; filled with personals, rebuttals, comedy and all round general disrespect I present to you, Arsonal vs Pass.

By now you must have seen the viral video of a battle rapper getting slapped in the face. Well for those who are unaware of how and why this happened, let me give you the rundown. Don’t Flop USA, hosted a two on two between Charron and 100 Bulletz going up against DNA and K Shine.

I’m not going to spoil the whole thing and break down what took place other then a slap, but if you’re looking for bars, props, mockery, humour and just all out entertainment with a bang at the end… then kick back and enjoy.

To lighten the mood along with showing the sportsmanship and creativity in battle rap, Pat Stay and Rone join forces to go up against two of the funniest muthafuckers from UK; Marlo and Shuffle T.

It’s basically Canada and America against England, on who can be more of a polite and foul mouthed dickhead in a two on two battle… which you will soon get the gist of while cracking up.

Anytime Dizaster battles it can turn into an unpredictable spectacle. I will be honest, I haven’t seen much of Gjonaj’s work but have seen him pop up on the radar of respectable battle rap leagues.

There have been many critics and fans who have sensed a similarity in each battlers styles, let us know what you think?

For this weeks ‘Wild Card’ we have a blasphemous, comedic, not to be taken seriously (but still a must watch) battle.

If you are religious and easily offended then this one is not for you, but if you have a sense of humour and can accept the ingenuity this form of rap brings then proceed.

What we have here is Jesus vs The Devil, hosted by Scarface aka Tony Montana.

In real life terms this is Dirtbag Dan Vs Megadef hosted by Lush one.

This is some funny shit, expect loads of hilarious flips, puns and plenty of relevant schemes fit for this match up.

Stay tuned for next weeks round up.

Words: Ren_GRM