News 18 December 2015

Bonkaz vs Hitman Holla in full! Here are the best battle raps this week

18 December 2015

For this week’s GRM Battle Rap Round Up we deliver to you our top battles of the week for your pree’ing pleasure.

Just over a week ago the UK played host to some of the biggest battle rap names. With Hollow Da Don vs Pat Stay uploaded and sent out straight away by BOTUK in attempt to avoid the bootleg, the other battles from the Battle of the Brave were available to watch a few days after. We also have a hilarious battle from the Don’t Flop league to check out too.

Kicking it off with the first battle we have a one rounder between America’s Charlie Clips, who in the last few years has been classed as one of the top 5 battlers in the world. Taking on the seasoned and well respected battler Gemini from the UK, who has earned his stripes as a tough opponent for whoever he battles.

For the next battle, we have Hitman Holla vs Bonkaz. When this was first announced it was a head turner. Hitman Holla is another name which gets thrown around in the battle rap scene as a possible top 5.

Many questioned how debutant Bonkaz, would match up to what you could call a ‘professional battle rapper’, however we already know Bonkz can murder a instrumental.

Most rappers in Bonkaz’ position would not risk a battle for the sake of it… but he did, and not only put his neck on the line by battling, he also took on one of the best in the game to test and showcase his skills for his first and last battle. This one turned out to be interesting.

Arsonal draws a crowd in any country he battles, on this trip to the UK he took on fellow american JC, who has been making his way up the ranks, proving to be a tricky customer for any battler he faces.

Check out the all American slug fest live from London.

Math Hoffa vs Tony D. What can I say about these two other then if you’re making a “Can’t Run Out Of Bars” category, they would have to make the list.

But on a serious note when Math Hoffa aka Hoffaluyah, battles it is always an entertaining affair. Not for the fact that he might end up punching someone’s lights out but because he has got bars, schemes and his freestyle game is decent.

Tony D on the other hand is a former Don’t Flop champion, who when vacated the titled remained undefeated. While that one shaky performance in Canada will always haunt him like Hoffa going from being the puncher to being punched, every battle Tony D has been super impressive and flawless.

Who won? You can call it!

The Don’t Flop “Revival” took place not too long ago, and one battle which I knew would be hilarious was P Solja vs Danny Jaqq. It didn’t dissappoint.

P Solja is a beast battler on or off beat, along with being a funny mutha f**ker. As for Danny Jaqq, he has been putting in the work for the last two years on the circuit, with his slogans, schemes and humour this match up is definitely one of the funniest battles in this weeks round up.

Stay tuned for next weeks round up!

Words: Ren_GRM