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The sickest battle raps this week

24 October 2015

GRM is back with this week’s Battle Rap Round Up and to kick off this instalment, we head up to the North of England. One league I’ve been checking out for just under a year or so, is DJ Big Mikees ‘Prizefighter’.

Returning with season 2, this clash between Chucky and Syco has to be one of the funniest/emotional/tense battles I’ve seen this week. This one is full of laughs and gets heated with the personal jabs making it a definite watcher making it this week’s ‘Wild Card’. Check it out below:

Switching it up for the second battle, my fellow writer and battle rap enthusiast, Kayne told me he had some heat to speak on. Okay, don’t get it twisted – Jai-90 and Willzy aren’t exactly the Hitman Holla or Charlie Clips of the battle rap game, but this battle exceeded all expectations.

Jai-90, after a hiatus from Don’t Flop, came toe to toe with Willzy at Sunburn 2. Jai hadn’t had the best of winning streaks prior to this match but I can easily say he got this 3-0. Willzy came with some good punches and schemes as he usually does, but Jai-90 brought his A Game and really showed us why he went away for.

Rebuttals galore, every round Jai-90 made the crowd roar with a flip on what Willzy had said. Make sure you check it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The third battle I’m selecting this week is between Pamflit and Harry Baker. A few years ago Pamflit was a huge name on the UK battle rap scene due to his hilarious bars, antics and props during his match ups. After a short hiatus he’s back against an opponent who is a well seasoned battler, Harry Baker! Good to see Pamflit back on the scene!

For the fourth and final battle it was a tough choice between URL Smack or King Of The Dot. While the likes of John John The Don, Real Deal and Head Ice all had battles- I had to give it to Rone vs Kid Twist.

One is a funny muthafucker no doubt about it. And as for Kid Twist- he was the first ever King Of The Dot champion and been around battle rap from before the hype.

If you’re looking for gun bars, violence and aggression then this is not for you. If you want to see two none street dudes drop some funny bars, insults, schemes and flips coming from across the pond, then kick back and enjoy while USA Vs Canada go at it once again for bragging rights.

Oh yeah… remember when Drake vs Meek was happening a politician Norm Kelly got involved? Just keep that in mind while watching this!

Before we wrap it up this week there are a few battle rap events you might want to attend.

Don’t Flop have a super line up for their 7th Birthday Weekender- check the video flyer below for info on how to get your hands on a pair of tickets .

The good people at Battle Of The Brave UK also have a line up not be missed either. Check the flyer below as Hollow Da Don and Pat Stay top the bill live in the UK.

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Shouts to @kaynestamp for this week guest selection.

Words: Ren_GRM