News 16 May 2020

Check out this week’s GRM top ten featuring S1mba, Country Dons, NSG & more

16 May 2020

With the GRM channel housing some of the biggest tracks in UK urban music, we’ve put together the GRM Chart to show you which tracks have been racking up views over the past week.


Kicking off the top ten is “Madow Like” from D Block Europe which is the latest offering from one of music’s most exciting groups. 


D Block Europe are then followed by Russ and Tion Wayne’s “Keisha & Becky” remix and V9’s link up with KO, “Right or Wrong”.

With this week’s chart housing entries, from Dutchavelli and Offica, Young T and Bugsey, NSG, Tunde, Russ, D Block Europe and more, competition for the number one spot is tight.


Take in the full GRM Chart below.

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