Music Videos News 27 July 2016

GRM’s Chart Toppers: Which rapper has the most top 10 songs?

27 July 2016

As much as we love him, we’re a little bored of Drake dominating the charts as of late, we thought we’d dig into the archives and pay homage to some of the top UK rappers who have done their bit on the top 10 charts.

Follow us down memory lane and get ready for those, “oh yeah, I remember that track” moments. We run down all the the artists who have impacted the UK top 40 the most.


We’ll start with man of the year Skepta. He reached top 10 status with Wiley’s “Can You Hear Me (Ayayaya)” back in 2012, and has had an amazing 9 tracks in the top 40’s. Skeppy is team winning this year with his latest album Konnichiwa being one of the biggest albums of 2016.


Stormzy is up next with his remarkable top 10 freestyle track “Shut Up”, which went from #59 in September 2015 to #8 in the run up to Christmas. Pretty sick for a freestyle right? Both “Shut Up” and “WickedSkengMan 4” reached top 40 status.

Professor Green

Before Professor Green was turning his hand at documentary making, he made his debut number 1 on the UK charts in 2011 with , “Read All About It”. With 4 top 10’s under his belt, like “I Need You Tonight” and “Just Be Good To Green” he’s well and truly made his mark on the charts.

So Solid Crew

Way back in 2001 So Solid Crew got their number 1 hit with “21 Seconds”, the timeless Garage track which you’ll be bumping to at summer time BBQs to this day. So Solid Crew managed to get 4 number 10 hits during their time together.

Wretch 32

Wretch 32 got his number 1 track with his 2011 track “Don’t Go” featuring Josh Kumra, after impacting with “Unorthodox” and “Traktor”. “Blackout” and “6 Words” soon followed in reaching the top 10, giving him a total of 5 tracks in the top 10 charts.


Before the many beefs, and before Chip dropped his “munk” moniker, Chip gained his number 1 status with “Oopsy Daisy” in 2009, taken from the album I Am Chipmunk (which reached a very impressive #2 in the album charts). In between, he earned 7 top 10 singles.


The Godfather of Grime Wiley reached number 1 with Summer hit “Heatwave” in 2012. The elusive rapper has also had 7 tracks in the top 10 UK Charts, with his first being “Wearing My Rolex” which reached #2.

Tinchy Stryder

Tinchy Stryder makes our list with number one tracks “Number 1” (talk about speaking something into existence) and “Never Leave You” which borrowed vocals from Amelle. He’s had an amazing 7 top 10 tracks. Little fact for you; his controversial track “To Me To You (Bruv)” featuring the Chuckle Brothers reached #92 in the UK Charts. MAD.

Dizzee Rascal

With current track Hype climbing up the charts, Dizzee has had an amazing 5 number 1 tracks with “Dance Wiv Me” being the first in 2008 and “Shout” (featuring none other than James Cordon) being the latest in 2010. Dizzee has a whopping 13 top 10 songs under his belt.

Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah seems to be the king of catchy tracks, with an amazing 7 number 1 hits, ranging from “Pass Out” in 2010 to “Written In The Stars”. He also has 15 top 10 tracks. In the Top 40 tracks of 2016 So Far chart, Tinie has made it to #15.