Music Videos News 10 October 2015

5 sick battle raps you need to check out this week [001]

10 October 2015

This week at GRM we are kicking off a new feature entitled ‘The GRM Battle Rap Round Up’ highlighting the battle rap scene across the globe by picking a few battles we think you should check out.

The first lyrical dual I recommend to watch is Shotty Horror vs Arsonal II. I can’t lie, when the bootleg video dropped like many battle rap fans I had no choice but to peep it. Despite the quality being pretty decent, nothing beats watching it back on the actual KOTD Channel in 1080p. England’s Shotty Vs America’s Arsonal in a second Grudge match hosted in Canada at World Domination 5 … Lovely!

The second battle you should be checking out came from the former Don’t Flop Champion, London’s exquisite wordsmith Tony D, and a vicious lyrical up and comer looking to be listed as one of the super elite in the battle rap world, Manchester’s very own Raptor. Let us know if you agree with the judges decision on who won the battle.

Making it to the top 3, I selected one of the funniest two on two’s I’ve seen in a while. The first two battles on the list are clearly intense and will make you chuckle, this one will make you burst out laughing. Sleepy Gee and Danny Jaqq took on the Camouflage Children, at DF’s ‘Sun Burn 2’ . Both teams put forward good effort, who do you think won?

As we round up with the final battle the only name that comes to mind is  ‘The Wild Card’. The history between Dizaster and Eurgh stems from a number of disagreements, along with violations from both battlers which caused serious turmoil to the professional relationship. Eurgh was set to battle former KOTD Champion Sketch Menace at WD5, but didn’t make it to the event due to politics (like in any industry). Stepping in as a last minute replacement for the Don’t Flop head honcho would be none other then Dizaster, who battled under the name of ‘ DizastEURGH’. If you’re looking for gut busting entertainment then this one is for you.

Stay locked for next weeks instalment of GRM Battle Rap Round Up, if there are any battles you think need highlighting or feel the judges were wrong, get at us in the comments box below.

Words: Ren_GRM