News 4 May 2016
Author: Sam

GRM’s simple guide to voting in tomorrow’s Mayoral Election

Author Sam
4 May 2016

Words: @sjriptweets

This Thursday, Londoners will be voting for who they want as their next mayor.

After two terms of Boris Johnson, what we do know is there will be a fresh face moving in to City Hall. What we don’t know is who that will be.

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The two leading contenders are Labour’s Sadiq Khan and the Conservative Zac Goldsmith. But notable others, like the Respect Party’s George Galloway (who came in to speak to GRM about everything from Iraq to grime recently) are also in the running.

Here is our break down of Thursday’s election.

BTW – Young people normally don’t vote, meaning young people’s voices don’t get heard. So, if you want to see stuff done for you, make sure you go to the polls on Thursday.

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan, representing the Labour Party, is a British Muslim and the son of a bus driver. He was born and raised in London, and used to be Transport Minister.

His key policies are:

  1. A fare freeze on all TfL service until 2020.
  2. A new, one-hour unlimited bus ticket called “The Hopper”.
  3. Setting up a team called Homes for Londoners that is intended to introduce more affordable housing to rent and buy.

Watch his campaign video, which features a few famous faces.

He uses that ‘All Londoners’ catchphrase because his rival, Zac Goldsmith, has been labelled divisive in the way he has conducted his campaign. Furthermore, because Goldsmith is from a very privileged background, Sadiq’s camp are trying to paint him as a man of the people, who understands the issues that Goldsmith couldn’t.

Khan has repeatedly turned down a pay rise, believing that MPs already get paid enough. On the down side, however, he is a Liverpool fan. (Still down for a picture with Rio though).

Zac Goldsmith

Zac Goldsmith, representing the Conservative Party, is the son of a billionaire and the MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston. He has previously been a big campaigner for environmental causes.

His key policies are:

  1. Doubling home building to 50 000 per year by 2020.
  2. Ensuring the Night Tube goes ahead.
  3. Protecting neighbourhood police teams and keeping them on the street.

Here’s a video of him chatting in front of a blue bus.

Goldsmith has, for a long time, been perceived as a charming politician, who is skilled at winning over new voters. His longstanding environmentalism was also seen as something that could win over voters who would not traditionally vote Conservative.

In recent weeks, though, he has been criticised for drawing links between Sadiq Khan and extremists, seemingly on the basis of not much more than Sadiq’s religion.

As of yet, neither frontrunner has stipulated what they will be doing to promote London’s very own grime music scene. Here’s to hoping.

The others

Other notables on the ballot paper will be…

  1. Sophie Walker from the Women’s Equality Party, she wants to ensure equal pay for women in the capital and prevent violence against women.
  2. Caroline Pidgeon of the Lib Dems, who promises 3000 more police on the street and more childcare for Londoners.
  3. George Galloway, representing his own Respect Party. He promises cheaper housing and to cut pollution by banning heavy vehicles from inner-London.
  4. Sian Berry from the Green Party, who promises a Bank for London to support small businesses and a not-for-profit London Energy Company to provide Londoners with green energy.
  5. Petter Whittle from UKIP, who vows to support police stop and search and to cut immigration.

Thursday is the day… make sure you make your voice count and head to your local polling station.