News THE SHORTLIST 20 April 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Pre-order our new compilation album ‘GRM Daily Presents: The Shortlist’

20 April 2017

Introducing The Shortlist.

Featuring the hottest MC’s, rappers and artists that you’re going to be hearing a hell of a lot of over the next 12 months and beyond. From rap to grime, R&B to drill, there’s a flavour for everybody on our new album.

Handpicked by us to create some original music, we’ve brought together the UK undergrounds freshest talent into one place, just for you.

You can pre-order the album right now on iTunes – which will be released this Friday (April 21st) – before it is released across all streaming platforms.

Check out the full tracklist below and make sure you pre-order The Shortlist right here.

1) DC – “Clout”

2) Berna – “Twin Sisters”

3) Knucks – “Frostbite”

4) Hudson East – “4 Everything”

5) Young Ty – “Education”

6) Ray Niro – “By The Gun”

7) Micah Million – “Sleeping Pattern”

8) Russ & Taze – “Army Of Two”

9) Poundz – “One Time”

10) A.STAXX – “Southside”

11) Dis – “Cheeky”

12) Terra – “Lurker”

13) SNE – “15 Minutes (Outro)”